We build Executive and Operational Dashboards for your business
 Data is a powerful business asset at your fingertips; fully leverage it for a competitive advantage! 

Business Data Reporting and Visualization

We position ourselves as business intelligence reporting experts to help your business or organization harness the power of business data (an asset at your fingertips, yet often untapped) to make strategic business decisions.


Data Analysis and Reporting

Ability to quickly digest big data sets and derive insights can dramatically boost the performance of a business, small or large. Many companies (major retailers, financial services) have been making investments in the business intelligence technologies, with data visualization for decision making as a driving factor. Government agencies, hospitals, and construction companies can also benefit tremendously.

Data Visualization

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About Us

Move your company forward with Business Intelligence Reporting from Achilliad Analytics. Our Seattle, Washington-based company is staffed by highly skilled, professional consultants with proven industry experience in Information Technology.

Starting with providing services to customers in the United States, our ultimate vision is to expand to new markets around the world. The foundation of Achilliad Analytics is based the following mission:

Business Intelligence Reporting and Data Visualization:  help small to medium size businesses and organizations leverage reporting and data visualization with BI tools (Power BI, Tableau, Qlik)  to make informed business decisions for a competitive edge.

Achilliad Analytics is insured and bonded to remain accountable to its clients. As further evidence of our capabilities, we are a Microsoft Cloud Partner. Our company is also WA State MBE and Federal DBE certified.

• Business intelligence reporting experts: We help your organization harness the untapped power of business data to make
strategic decisions
• PowerBI and Tableau experts: analyze multiple data sets, build dashboards to derive impactful business insights
• Experience working with Public Sector (e.g. Public School Systems)
• Staffed with expert engineers with years of experience building data analytics, for large corporations such as Microsoft
• Cloud platform Ops support: platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, Rackspace) offer key advantages - deployment, integration,
performance, scalability, and affordability (pay as you go IaaS, SaaS, PaaS). A limiting factor: Many small and medium size
organizations lack expert staff to onboard and support them to the cloud. Achilliad is on point to help fill this gap!
• Competitive yet reasonable rates
• Affordable for small businesses and non-profit organizations

English - French - Spanish Ensured & Bonded

Embrace the Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Revolution today!

As Carly Fiorina once said, Data = Understanding. "The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."
-- Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co

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