Data Analysis and Reporting

Transforming Business through Data Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Achilliad Analytics helps your organization transform your business data assets into tactical information to make strategic and competitive decisions. Stay ahead of your competition and improve your company with these services:

  • Build complete BI reporting solutions for your organization
  • Data Visualization Experts: powerful and rich dashboards with Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik to help your company derive business insights quickly.
  • Data Analysis with multiple data sets (sources, sizes) on Azure/SQL Server, Oracle, AWS
  • Database development on Azure/SQL Server, Oracle, AWS Redshift
  • DevOps support on Azure and AWS Cloud platforms
  • Training on Data Analysis and Data Visualization

Data = the new oil of the digital economy. “Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely, untapped and valuable asset” –  Joris Toonders, Entrepreneur, CEO of YONEGO

Data Analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting

Small to large businesses alike in various sectors have leveraged the benefits of the digital age to process large amounts of data for 1) record keeping (accounting, payrolls, progress reports, technical details), 2) monitoring (progress on projects, KPIs), and 3) planning (decision making).

Of importance, the benefits of monitoring and planning can be boosted if powerful business insights can be derived quickly and at a reasonable cost from large amounts of data (and from various sources). This in turn helps leaders within those companies to make informed decisions that give them a competitive advantage over the competition.

A Unified View of Your Business Through Reporting

Many organizations small or large often face the problem of data silos which have grown organically with the business.  This makes it difficult to have a unified view of the business from data that is dispersed. 

A good business reporting system can lessen this problem by providing a unified view of the company via a reporting layer, where various data sets can be agregated.

Data visualization goes further by allowing to visualize the data across the whole business. 

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